Hello, Small Businesses

 Receivables are at the heart of everything small businesses do. They impact hiring, buying products and significantly boost our global economy. Which is why we set out to eliminate the need to wait 30, 60, or even 90 to get paid.


Real Businesses That Are Seeing Real Growth

Benny Parihar,
Founder and Managing Partner of CRYO Holdings
"The Crowdz financing platform has allowed us to free up cash flow and be able to use our working capital more efficiently and effectively. Which in turn allows us to work on more product development and scale-up our production."
Mark Hellweg,
Founder of Ratio
"We were able to finance a PO for nearly $30K in about 2 business days. The process was amazingly quick and painless, and the fees we paid were a lot less than alternate financing options like merchant loans."
Fatima Diez,
Head of Marketing at MunchFit
"Crowdz has since become a helpful resource for our business, strengthening our relationships with major retailers who can demand long payment terms, which otherwise could have presented obstacles for a growing business like ours."
"The process with Crowdz is very straightforward and fast. We have experienced less than one week of turnaround time between posting our invoices for bidding and receiving the funds in our account. The financing cost is also lower than the traditional factoring arrangement. We are looking to use Crowdz to finance more of our receivables."

There's Strength in Numbers

At Crowdz, we use technology to make your cash flow faster.
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Hello, Enterprises

Applying the concept of Software as a Service (SaaS) to supply chain finance (SCF), our white label SCFaaS program facilitates invoice financing for small businesses. Enterprises can now fund receivables from suppliers and keep their supply chain intact while making a percentage back on their investment.

Angels Den Finance Program

Meta Invoice Fast Track

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Get paid faster by selling your invoices.