The Pay-It-Forward token

Buying Autre tokens allows Crowdz to provide immediate cashflow to Small Businesses buy buying their hard work earned invoices in advance on its Receivables Marketplace. This is a new way to pass on a reward so that you can support the economy and get paid.

Autre token are security tokens issued on the Ethereum Main Network.

Why ‘Autre’?

The Autre Token was named after a philosophical theory from French philosopher Emmanual Levinas. It’s the experience of a liberty which discovers itself to be responsible for the other human, indefinitely. The other being ‘l’autre’, in French. Hence why the Autre Token’s logo shows 2 tokens in the shape of a looping heart.


Get rewarded for your altruism

It may sound counter intuitive but why not get rewarded for thinking of others first? The more you give, the more you get.

Support Small Businesses

Crowdz uses Autre tokens value in a pool that buys invoices from Small Businesses. They are encouraged to practice sustainable activities and pay on time with our SuRF score. You are therefore supporting green economy.

Considerable Returns

Returns on the Receivables Marketplace represent an APR of up to 10%. This return will be shared with you when you buy Autre Tokens.

Isolate risk with our SPV

Lost risks are isolated since invoices are insured on our platforms and your investments are tangible.


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