After you have uploaded all information, provided the key information about your business and your accounts are connected , our approval process typically only takes a few hours, but can take up to 3 days. Once approved, log in to your dashboard, view your available contracts, and select those you want to upload.
Connecting your bank account ensures that your funds get disbursed quickly to the correct bank account. Plaid also creates a better experience for reimbursement by using ACH-debit. Finally, this extra step allows us to check your eligibility to use Crowdz’s service. If you utilize accounting software, you may already be doing it.
Yes. Plaid is safe, reliable, and designed for businesses that want seamless, secure financial access. All information in Plaid is encrypted, and Crowdz never has access to your login credentials. Some popular financial apps that use Plaid include Venmo and Stripe.
Plaid same-day micro-deposit is an alternative option for connecting your bank account if you have difficulties or if Plaid does not support your bank. How does this work? Plaid will make two deposits that post within one business day. Then, once you have seen the two deposits, you will need to verify the two deposit amounts on the Crowdz Marketplace platform. Afterward, Plaid will reverse the two micro-deposits to pull back the deposit amounts from your bank account.
You can upload as many contracts as you like as often as you like.


Crowdz works with Western Union to automatically deposit cash into your connected bank account via wire transfer.
Once the trade is accepted, payment typically occurs within the same business day.
Members have one payment method (or two for USA members) to reimburse funders:
  • All members can use a manual bank transfer. You will receive the bank account details and a reference number to make a manual bank transfer via your online or mobile banking app.
  • For USA members: There is also the option of ACH-debit. Western Union will collect funds directly from your bank account only after you authorize the transaction. Settlement time is between three and five days, and you must secure sufficient liquidity in your bank account within 24 hours of authorizing the transaction. It’s easy and allows you to pay multiple invoices at once.
With Crowdz, you always have complete control over your payments. We never retrieve money from your account without your prior authorization. Crowdz also helps you keep tabs on each transaction through your dashboard and by email.
Yes. With its 170 year history, Western Union is our chosen partner to help move your funds securely. Your funder will receive your payment securely and fast via the Western Union Business Services solution.
Our team is working hard to introduce real-time payment networks wherever available. Additionally, we plan to create a more secure and frictionless payment experience by implementing the new European/UK open banking infrastructure. This update would allow members to pay from their bank account without leaving Crowdz InvoiceXchange.


Getting started is free, including signing up to the platform and uploading and trading invoices. After a trade is accepted, there is a cost as funders purchase invoices for a fee. Remember, if a funder’s fee is too high, you can always refuse the trade.
There’s no need. We will not notify your customers that you are a Crowdz member or use our services.
Crowdz is a global company servicing small and medium-sized businesses in North America, Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Middle East. To find out if we can support you, sign up for Crowdz or email our sales team at sales@crowdz.io.
We look at several data sources, including business credit bureaus, your company, and your customer. So you never have to worry about Crowdz damaging your customer relationships.
The main difference is who collects payment from your customers. In invoice financing, you retain total control. In invoice factoring, the factoring company purchases the unpaid invoices and takes over the payment process. Check out this Crowdz article to learn more.
Yes! You can choose to disconnect any business account at any time. Changing your username or password will also result in disconnection, and you will also need to renew your connection once it expires.
Like most things on Crowdz, that’s all up to you. Members can fund a single invoice or many when trading.
A funder must bid on the invoice first. Once you agree on the terms and accept a trade, funds will usually be posted to your account within 2–3 business days.
The SuRF score is a powerful risk assessment tool for small and mid-sized businesses. Our innovative repayment risk model provides a unique approach by combining information about the credit performance of both parties involved in the transaction with data about the companies financial strength, payment performance, and sustainability factors. A strong SuRF score increases your chances of getting a lower discount rate. To learn more, visit our SuRF Score page.