Investment With a Social Impact

Receivables Financing for a Sustainable Future

Crowdz provides sustainable working capital solutions at affordable prices. As a Funder, you can bid on and finance SMBs receivables through our platform and receive repayment from sellers when they get paid. By providing more efficient access to capital, you are laying the foundation for suppliers and merchants to support environmental and ethical supply chains.

What’s In It For You

A more sustainable way to expand your portfolio


Stable Returns

Invest with attractive risks of 10%–15% backed by small business receivables.


Low Risk

Receivable repayment insurance on our platform helps protect your funds.


Expand Origination

Expand your origination platform with a steady stream of products that yield an attractive return.


Granular Control

Choose to fund receivables based on credit performance, industries, and geographies, and ESG metrics.


Auditable Transactions

Access digital financial records for all receivable transactions and robust data and analytics reporting through the Funder Portal.


Fraud Prevention

Robust KYC, AML, and PEP checks during onboarding and registration. Integration with 20+ data sources (e.g., credit bureaus, company registrations, KYC providers).

Funding Receivables

By providing cost-efficient access to capital, you’re helping small and medium businesses open their doors to new possibilities. All while tailoring your investment to your goals. Select which receivables to fund based on industry, location, carbon footprint, and ESG metrics. Or take it a step further, and choose those specifically related to clean energy and other green sectors.

Our Key Partners

With small businesses at the heart of everything we do, we realize many are counting on us. So we’ve set the bar high for our business and impact goals, and remain accountable to our investment community.