Crowdz’ SuRF Score

The SuRF score is a powerful data tool for small and mid-sized businesses. We believe that SMBs deserve a way to build credit. The more information an investor has about a business, the better rates that company will get on their invoices. This new standard in SMB evaluation, similar to a credit score for businesses, is used by investors to help make educated risk decisions.


Sustainability, Risk, & Financial Score

The SuRF score is a unique, risk assessment tool for SMBs. The innovative, repayment risk model takes multiple factors into consideration to develop a comprehensive and proprietary score. The SuRF Score provides a unique approach by combining information about the credit performance of both parties involved in the transaction with data about the companies financial strength, payment performance and sustainability factors. This is further enhanced with proprietary data from from transactions across the Crowdz InvoiceXchange.
Start Building Your SuRF Score

Real-time SuRF score updates

Unlike traditional risk scoring services which update their data as rarely as on an annual basis, Crowdz SuRF score changes in real time. The sellers’ timeliness of delivery and repayment automatically impacts their scores. As funded invoices are repaid in a timely and reliable manner, a score will gradually strengthen, increasing trustworthiness and chances of receiving invoice financing at low rates. Want to learn more about your vendors and suppliers?
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How to interpret the SuRF score?

The better the score, the better the chances for the seller to get a lower discount rate.

Below Average

(0-39) We are still gathering data or a company is new to the platform.



(40-79) There is room for improvement and we are there to help companies grow their score.



(80-89) An average score means that there is still some improvement to be done.



(90-100) Companies with a score above average get the lowest rates.


Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance Responsibility

The newly introduced SuRF score helps funders and sellers in fostering positive change together. In line with the market demand for green investing, we recently rebranded our Smart Score to Sustainability, Risk, and Financial (SuRF) Score, which will provide funders with both granular financial data and sustainability evaluation metrics about SMEs. Crowdz SuRF score will be one of the first comprehensive risk metrics to include sustainability as a factor in SME debt payment forecast. By allowing business owners to track their score and providing them with tips for sustainability improvements, we hope that Crowdz platform will help businesses to drive positive change in their local communities.